Bamburgh, Northumberland, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 FRATER, Ann  Abt 1837Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I32505
2 FRATER, Charles Ackland  1888Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I30026
3 FRATER, Elizabeth Weatherston  1845Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I29608
4 FRATER, George  25 Nov 1893Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I30034
5 FRATER, Isabella  28 Jan 1891Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I30032
6 FRATER, Isabella Jane  17 Jul 1837Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I29605
7 FRATER, Jane Mary  1843Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I29607
8 FRATER, Joanna Morrell Mackenzie  1850Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I29611
9 FRATER, Margaret Ann Carr  11 Sep 1836Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I29603
10 FRATER, Matthew  1847Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I29609
11 FRATER, Robert  4 Fab 1849Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I29610
12 FRATER, Sidney  13 May 1892Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I30033
13 FRATER, Thomas Carr  Abt 1839Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I29604
14 FRATER, Thomas Carr  1889Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I30031
15 MORTON, Henry William  Abt 1858Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I29637
16 TAYLOR, Elizabeth  Abt 1879Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I32518
17 TAYLOR, John George  1893Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I32523
18 TAYLOR, John W  Abt 1875Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I32519
19 TAYLOR, Margaret S  Abt 1873Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I32520


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 FRATER, Charles Ackland  6 May 1888Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I30026
2 FRATER, Elizabeth Weatherston  15 May 1845Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I29608
3 FRATER, Isabella  31 Mar 1891Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I30032
4 FRATER, Isabella Jane  1 Jul 1838Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I29605
5 FRATER, Jane Mary  11 Sep 1843Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I29607
6 FRATER, Joanna Morrell Mackenzie  24 Feb 1850Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I29611
7 FRATER, Matthew  1 Apr 1847Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I29609
8 FRATER, Sidney  1 Jul 1892Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I30033
9 FRATER, Thomas Carr  25 Sep 1889Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I30031
10 MORTON, Henry William  27 Jun 1858Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I29637
11 TAYLOR, John George  23 Apr 1893Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I32523


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLISON, Dorothy  1804Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I28822
2 FRATER, Joanna Morrell Mackenzie  1850Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I29611
3 FRATER, Matthew  Nov 1850Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I28852
4 FRATER, Thomas  17 Apr 1839Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I28826


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 WEDDLE, Isabella  Jul 1858Bamburgh, Northumberland, England I28827